The major source for funding is private contributions.

In Israel today, there is a struggle to forge our identity. There is a strong and well-financed movement to weaken the Country’s Jewish identity on one side, and a tendency to dilute its democratic principles, on the other. We believe that Israel was established to be the nation state of the Jewish people whereby the Jews achieve their right to self-determination after 2000 years of forced exile. We also believe that the Jewish state must be a strong democracy with protection for the human and civil rights of all its citizens.

The Institute for Zionist Strategies thus represents a unique response to the growing internal dissension within Israel. There is no other organization working to strengthen a strong Jewish identity in the framework of a vigorous democracy.

Creating greater awareness of the impending issues and working concretely to effect change is the only way to achieve these goals. We strive for a real and effective impact on public opinion and on government policy.

If you agree with us that there are serious challenges to the State of Israel and to the preservation of its Jewish democratic character, then join us in our efforts. We will greatly appreciate your help in our work. For more details on our specific programs and activities, please see our web and Facebook pages.

Contributions can be made directly to the IZS in Israel or to the Friends of the Institute for Zionist Strategies in the United States.

The Institute for Zionist Strategies is a non-profit Israeli organization (Malkar) and is recognized under chapter 46 of the Israeli Tax Law. All contributions by Israeli taxpayers are tax deductible. Tax Authority certification is available upon request.

The Friends of the Institute for Zionist Strategies is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. All contributions by US taxpayers are tax deductible. IRS certification is available upon request.

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