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Our Vision

The Institute for Zionist Strategies, rooted in a National Liberal orientation, seeks to strengthen Israel as the nation state of the Jewish People by contributing to its historic development as a Jewish and democratic state.

Israel, the Jewish nation, and Judaism

Incentives for Service

Against the background of discussions about different proposals for government resolutions and legislation to improve the benefits granted to citizens who have served in the army or the civilian national service, the Institute has published a new comparative analysis by Dr. Yoaz Hendel and Nicolas Touboul, titled "Incentives for Service". The analysis reviews the systems in other democratic countries of benefits granted those who protect their country within an army framework, and finds that post-service benefits are common in the Western world. It concludes that the proposals to reward IDF and national service with post-service benefits conform to accepted standards in democratic governments throughout the world.

In a new position paper, Prof. David A. Frankel analyzes the unique characteristics of Judaism as a national movement. The establishment of Israel as the state of the Jewish people, and the liberation of Jerusalem, led to a flourishing of nationalism among many elements of the Jewish people. And yet there are others who still seek to negate the existence of a Jewish people and demean historic and national symbols.

In order for the State to be Jewish, as proclaimed in the declaration of independence, and not just a state in which Jews live, it must steadfastly maintain the fundamentals of the nation such as increasing the usage of the Hebrew language and strengthening our Jewish cultural and literary heritage, our history, lifestyle, festivals and holidays. The state must acknowledge that it is the nationalist-political center of the Jewish nation.

Analysis of the proposed conversion law

In honor of Chag HaShavuot and in light of the public discussion over the proposed law seeking to enable conversions by local municipal Rabbis, the Institute for Zionist Strategies is publishing a detailed analysis piece which addresses arguments that were raised in opposition to the proposal but which are based on a misunderstanding of the proposed law. The goal of this paper is to briefly explain the proposed law, and to analyze some of the points made against it.




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