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Av 5769




Dear ,

This month's IZS newsletter contains our Zionist Legislation Analysis and Ranking, covering the parliamentarian activity of the 17th Knesset, as well as a comprehensive review of the current state of demographic trends in Israel.  Links are provided to a special position paper and to a web-based information resource.



Yaakov Faitelson, Demographic Trends in the Land of Israel (1800-2007)


The need to conduct censuses and to analyze the makeup of the population along with its development trends has been in existence since the dawn of organized human communities and has become especially important since the advent of the concept of sovereign states. The study of demographics centers around the collection of data on population size and the direction of its movement as well as research into the causes and patterns affecting the birth and death rates, marriage and divorce, changes in the fertility rates of different age and other groupings, etc.


For over one hundred years, since the birth of the Zionist movement, we have been subjected to gloomy forecasts of demographic horrors awaiting the Jews in the Land of Israel. Despite these predictions, in the last 120 years, the Jewish population in the Land of Israel has grown from 24,000, or 5% of the population to more than 5.5 million, 60% of the population. A continuation of this trend, accompanied by a rise in education and urbanization levels, will bring forth equalization in the natural growth of the Arab and Jewish populations.


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The demographic trends in the Land of Israel give rise to many implications regarding the future of the Zionist Enterprise. A vital condition for maintaining the State of Israel's existence as the National Home for the Jewish People, while preserving the system of democratic governance, is the existence of a solid Jewish majority in the State of Israel. It is therefore important to examine the demographic trends with regard to a number of central groupings: Israeli Arabs within the borders of Israel, the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria, Jewish sub-groups, and other non-Jewish groups who exercise significant roles in Israeli society.


To best understand the reality, we must consider all the facts and must understand the basis and extent of the evident trends. This must be the foundation for any intelligent national policies. The Institute for Zionist Strategies has published a study by Yakov Faitelson, "Demographic Trends in the Land of Israel (1899-2007)". We believe that this study makes an important contribution to consideration of the relevant trends.


In addition, the IZS presents our readers with access to the latest research studies, opinion pieces and articles, representing different perspectives and viewpoints, available so that anyone interested can have the means to reach his own conclusions on the demographic future in the Land of Israel.


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The Zionist Legislation Scale

The Zionist Legislation Analysis and Ranking was published for the first time by the Institute for Zionist Strategies in advance of  the recent elections. The report summarizes the Zionist legislation passed during the  17th Knesset, from Nissan 5766 (March 2006) to Shvat 5769 (February 2009). The report only covers laws and amendments that were successfully passed and thus does not represent many important efforts that may yet yield results in the future. This report praises the Zionist efforts of MKs who excelled in passing these laws.


The Zionist legislation in the 17th Knesset produced sixteen Zionist laws and amendments, with ten leading MKs comprising the head of the Zionist pyramid of the exiting Knesset. MK Ya'akov Margi ranked in first place and won the gold medal. The silver medal was received by MKs Otniel Shneller, Rabbi Michael Melchior and Moshe Kahlon. The bronze medal went to MKs Amnon Cohen, Gilad Erdan, Aryeh Eldad, Uri Ariel, Yizhak Levi and Avshalom Vilan.


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If you received this monthly newsletter from a friend or colleague and wish to receive future mailings, please email us at: info@izs.org.il, and state as your subject"subscribe".  If you have any comments or thoughts on these subjects, on our web site, or activities, please let us know at: comment@izs.org.il 

The Institute For Zionist Strategies
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