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Tevet 5770


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We are pleased to forward January's newsletter for the Institute for Zionist Strategies. Included in the newsletter is Prof. Yoav Gelber's article about history studies in Israel. Also in this newsletter, the coverage of two Knesset conferences that the IZS took part in, during the last month: The first, on the subject of the funding of political activity in Israel by foreign governments; the second on "The Realization of Zionism: Strengthening the Periphery".



Teaching History in Israel and the World


For years, Israeli society has been in a state of bewilderment.  It has been experiencing conflict over its identity, sources of authority and ethos. The line of division is the Six Day War – the elimination of the existential threat eroded the ethos of one for all in favor of self-fulfillment.  Under market and political pressures, educational institutions – universities, colleges and schools – speculate over the quality of their national purpose (and if they even have one), over their social function and over their academic and educational direction.  A new article by Prof. Yoav Gelber examines the chronological development of history studies in Israel and compares them to parallel developments elsewhere in the world while offering a new intellectual angle on their future progress.





A curriculum must present the few basic concepts that a society wishes to instill in (or teach) its future generation, and not what students (or their parents) wish to acquire (or learn).  Some students will not be satisfied with what their school has to offer and may be directed to additional sources of information.  Other students may have difficulty grasping the basic concepts presented in such a curriculum, but the large majority should fall between these two extremes and should be the target population the curriculum attempts to reach.


 For The Full Paper




A Knesset Conference on the Subject of the Funding of Political Activity in Israel by Foreign Governments

As a follow-up to the joint study by the Institute for Zionist Strategies and NGO Monitor: "Trojan Horse: The Impact of European Government Funding for Israeli NGOs", a Knesset conference was held on 1.12.09 on the subject of the funding of political activity in Israel by foreign governments.  Ministers, members of Knesset, academic scholars, members of the media, organization representatives and many citizens who see the subject of having utmost importance took part.  The convention was organized by Minister Michael Eitan and coalition chairman MK Zeev Elkin.



For the Full Coverage of the Conference



Knesset Seminar on the Subject: "The Realization of Zionism: Strengthening the Periphery"


On the 22nd of December, the Knesset held a seminar on the subject "The Realization of Zionism: Strengthening the Periphery".  The event was organized by the New Zionist Movement, a member of the Forum of Zionist Organizations organized by the Institute for Zionist Strategies.  Vice Minister Danny Ayalon and the Yisrael Beiteinu party sponsored the event. 



The day began with an assembly of the Knesset committees for a special meeting that addressed the issues at hand.  The highlight of the day was during the convention in the auditorium in which Knesset Chairman Rubi Rivlin, Minister Lieberman, Vice Minister Ayalon, Minister Misezhnikov, MKs Michaeli, Eldad, Hotovely, Levin and others participated.  Vice Minister Ayalon cautioned against groups both inside and outside of the State who do not recognize Jewish sovereignty and settlement in several areas in the Negev and the Galilee and who are actively seeking to put an end to this.  Minister Lieberman warned against territorial continuity between Jerusalem and Hebron that would allow for certain areas to be severed from Israeli sovereignty.  Prof. Arnon Sofer cautioned against tendencies of population centralization in the Greater Tel Aviv Area.  Israel Harel called for the renewal of the Zionist movement and the establishment of a settlement movement.


Click for the IZS Stance on the Subject


On The Agenda


"Steinitz vs. the Judges: [They are] not showing economic responsibility"

In the middle of last month, criticism by Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz was expressed that attacked Supreme Court rulings which do not take economic considerations into account.  As a solution to the problem, Steinitz proposed exploring ways "to use legislation to require Supreme Court Judges to consider microeconomic budgetary considerations, in order to avoid reckless and populist rulings that subvert the list of priorities of Israeli society".


The Institute for Zionist Strategies draws attention to the fact that this principle was previously delineated in its proposed Constitution published in 2006.  Par. 71 in the Judiciary section of the Proposal states: "…Should the court confront a case that integrally relates to the substance of foreign policy, policies of security, or fundamentals of the budget, the court shall not rule on the matter before it".



To read the Constitution Proposal at the IZS website – click here.

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