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Our Vision

The Institute for Zionist Strategies, rooted in a National Liberal orientation, seeks to strengthen Israel as the nation state of the Jewish People by contributing to its historic development as a Jewish and democratic state.

The Israeli Mikveh

A research team from the Golden Mean project of the IZS is currently researching the Israeli mikveh to prepare a comprehensive study. An article recently published in the Deot journal by Golden Mean members Michal Achrak-Wein and Ayelet Seeman discusses the research's initial findings and points to the many problems facing the network of mikvehs.

The database the Ministry of Religious Services presents to the public is not up-to-date nor is it detailed. In many locations, the price of using the mikveh is determined arbitrarily and exceeds the standard set by the Ministry. In some Religious Councils the mikveh department is run inefficiently. Many mikvehs operate without business licenses and the health conditions in the mikvehs are not always acceptable. The review shows the very real need to rethink the structure of the mikvehs in Israel.

 For the full article (in Hebrew)

Burial of Non-Jewish



One of the most obvious manifestations of being Israeli is army service. Another factor positioning a person within Israeli society, is his religious affiliation. This presents a dilemma for the many people currently serving in the armed forces who are categorised as being without religion or questionably Jewish, and this dilemma is particularly poignant during times of bereavement, when the army must decide whether to bury both Jews and non-Jews, side-by-side (considered by most to be against the dictates of Halacha). 


The purpose of this position paper is to determine the most appropriate approach to the burial of these members of Israeli society in order to maintain a balance among the needs of the different sectors which serve in the armed forces.

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Refugees (?) in Israel On the legal standing of African immigrants to Israel


Against the background of the Israeli public's intense debate about African migrants and refugees over the past decade, their sojourn here, and the obligation of the State toward them, the Institute has published a new position paper by Nir Amran, which deals with the legal status of African migrants in Israel. The position paper summarizes the status of infiltrators according to international law and as implemented by the Israeli law, and illustrated the complexity of this issue. The paper presents possible courses of action based on the international and Israeli law, which reflect Israel's wish to achieve a solution that is both humane and consistent with keeping the Jewish character and social resilience of the state




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