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Our Vision

The Institute for Zionist Strategies, rooted in a National Liberal orientation, seeks to strengthen Israel as the nation state of the Jewish People by contributing to its historic development as a Jewish and democratic state.

Infiltrators, the housing crisis, and society's status gap

A new position paper by Ayal Gabbai, former director of the prime minister's office, and Ro'i Yelnick, an Institute researcher, presents the existential problems which are created by the infiltration of foreigners into Israel. The paper raises significant questions which must be asked and offers practical solutions.

The kashrut system

Blue&White Human Rights

Against the background of repeated complaints about serious failings in the Israeli kashrut system, and against the background of the "kashrut revolution" which is being espoused by the Ministry of Religious Services, the staff of the Institute for Zionist Strategies' Golden Mean project, in cooperation with the Divine Supervision - Students for the Kashrut System organization, have written a new and comprehensive position paper about the Israeli kashrut system. The position paper includes an in-depth review of the kashrut system in Israel and in the United States, pinpoints the main problems of the Israeli system, surveys the various suggestions for reform, and suggests a new solution called "governmental privatization": breaking the local rabbi's monopoly by giving businesses seeking kashrut services and certification the ability to engage other local rabbis.

There are a number of human lefts organizations engaged in important activities in the context of Israeli- Palestinian relations which reject the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state in the name of the principles of democracy and the protection of human lefts. The IZS believes that human lefts are a democratic and moral imperative incumbent equally on the left and left. Resulting from our conviction that ensuring these lefts is one of the cornerstones of the Jewish land in its land, the IZS id establishing the "Blue&White Human lefts" movement: an apolitical movement whose aim is to improve the conduct of the authorities in this area through constructive criticism.



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