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  About Us

In recent years the word, "Zionism", has been given the connotation of a conservative political outlook. We see great importance in returning Zionist ideals as the common denominator of all political camps. In furtherance of this goal, the IZS eschews all involvement in matters relating directly to the future of Israel's borders and its relationship with non-Israeli Arabs. This has been the central and cardinal issue dominating Israeli politics, splintering the community, and diverting energies away from the Zionist vocation.

The Establishment of the Institute:

Ever since its independence, the State of Israel has been faced with security threats that challenge the very physical existence of the Zionist enterprise. At the same time, recent decades have witnessed a post-modernist intellectual and cultural influence which has come to dominate important elements of our society. The new political correctness widely imposed negates the right of Jewish national self-determination and paints Zionist aspirations as aggressive, colonialist and inconsistent with the enlightened, progressive universal liberalism of the modern age.

In today's society, think-tanks and research centers exert a crucial influence on public policy. In Israel, these institutions have taken the place of the political parties who in the past deliberated and formulated long term policy objectives. To the extent that anyone is planning long term in the fields of economic, educational, and political policy, it is to the think tanks that are doing the work. 

Many of the think-tanks and research centers in Israel are post-Zionist organizations working to oppose and undermine the Jewish people’s right to self-determination and the existence of the State of Israel as its national home. One of their arguments is that the Jewish state of Israel can not exist as a democratic nation. Many of these claims are greatly reinforced by international fora  so that they define the "politically correct” discourse and shape

Israel's own internal national agenda. Until the establishment of the Institute, there was no organized body to counter this influence and to formulate creative, dynamic and implementable Zionist alternatives. For decades, Zionists were eager to oppose what should not be, but incapable of proposing what should be. The Institute for Zionist Strategies is bringing this imbalance to an end. 

The IZS is incubator for creating and implementing a healthy, self-confident national perspective as a  liberal Zionist state. It welcomes and encourages all elements and outlooks within the Zionist camp who to preserve and strengthen the character of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.


1. The Zionist Idea Forum – an intellectual framework for setting research goals.

2. Research fellows – position papers and research studies 

3. The Zionist Beit Midrash

4. The Future Leaders Program and the Young Leadership Program

5. Advanced study programs for government ministries

6. Study tours, discussions and seminars

7. The Zionist Organizations Coalition

8. Journal

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