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Ze'ev Sternhell, " Only force will stop force", Haaretz, 27.08.10

Tobias Buck, " Israeli universities accused of anti-Zionism", Financial Times, 26.08.10

Yoel Esteron, " Checkbooks and academic freedom", Ynetnews, 24.08.10

Caroline Glick, "Our World: Israel fights the demagogues", JPost, 24.08.10

Dan Illouz, "McCarthyism and post-Zionism", JPost, 23.08.10

Editorial, "Protecting academia", Haaretz, 19.08.10

Hagai El-Ad, "Advancing transparency where it's missing", JPost, 19.08.10

Menachem Mautner, "Everything should be taught", Haaretz, 18.08.10

Or Kashti, "Right-wing groups join forces to fight 'anti-Zionist bias' in Israeli academia", Haaretz, 18.08.10

Jonathan Lis, "Intellectuals organize in bid to counter Im Tirtzu", Haaretz, 18.08.10

Yossi Sarid, "Im Tirtzu's onslaught / No to the thought police", Haaretz, 18.08.10

Or Kashti, "Head to Head with Joseph Klafter", Haaretz, 17.08.10

Nitza Berkovitch, "McCarthyism in Tel Aviv", Ynetnews, 17.08.10

Editorial, "Politruks in academia", Haaretz, 17.08.10

Or Kashti, "Higher education council asked TAU to examine syllabi", Haaretz, 17.08.10

Or Kashti, "Rightist pressure prompts Tel Aviv University head to examine syllabi", Haaretz, 15.08.10

Gil Ronen, "Expert Calls For Law Against Foreign Political Intervention", inn, 3.12.09.

Brian Blondy, "NGO Report: B'Tselem Tops European Funding", JPOST, 2.12.09.

Richard Shulman, "Israeli Education Called Un-Jewish", Examiner, 26.11.09.

Yaheli Moran Zelikovich, "Research: Civil Studies Lean Left", Ynet, 25.11.09.

Haviv Rettig, "JNF body to vote on Tuesday on key land-swap deal", Jerusalem Post, 22.06.09.

Itzhak Klein," The strange case of the Israel Democracy Institute",Jerusalem Post, 26.04.09.

Gil Ronen, "Shas's Mergi Named Top Sponsor of Zionist Legislation", inn, 7.02.09.

Dan Eizenberg,  "JNF to suspend Jewish-land-only policy", Jerusalem Post, 23.10.07.

Shahar Ilan, "A constitution is born", Haaretz, 15.10.07.

Helen Friedman," Three Weeks In A Land Of Paradox", Jewish Press, 15.08.07.

Amotz Asa-el, "Middle Israel: Bibi misreads the map", Jerusalem Post, 1.02.07.

Shahar Ilan, "'Who is a Jew' redux – again", Haaretz, 1.12.06.

Shahar Ilan, "A Zionist Constitution", Haaretz, 20.10.06.

Tom Tugend, "Moves to reform Israel’s political system on the rise" JewishJournal, 12.10.06.




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"Letting the settlements slide: Is Zionism in decline? – So Much to Say", Israel Harel, TLV1, 8.4.15
"For Religious Zionism, Likud's win was too big", Dr. Yoaz Hendel, 24.3.15
"Managing success", Joel H. Golovensky, The Jerusalem Post, 23.3.2015
"Israel Should Counterattack at the UNSC", Emmanuel Navon, Mida, 1.1.15
"Jewish state bill debate not ideological", Avi Dichter, Israel Hayom, 5.12.14
"A Service for Hamas", Adi Shwartz, 06.08.14
"Don't I Have A Right To Live In Peace, Too?", Jonathan Biron, Forbes, 31.07.14
"EXCLUSIVE: Combating Israel’s Haters One Checkpoint at a Time", Breaking Israel News, 30.06.14
"Arab World: Leading Egypt to a better future? ", Zvi Mazel, the Jerusalem Post, 24.05.14
"A settlement doctor reaches out to his Palestinian neighbors", Elhanan Miller, the Times of Israel website, 27.03.14
"A state of all its nationalities?", Dror Eydar, Israel Hayom, 07.03.14
" Ariel Sharon: Warrior or war criminal?", Aljazira, 13.01.14
"What we talk about when we talk about New Year's", Elad Kimelman, Haaretz, 02.01.14 /
"Lies I've been told about 'occupation'", Yoel Ben-Nun, ynet, 10.01.14
"Poll Reveals the Cost of Two Chief Rabbis", The Yeshiva World, 01.01.14
"Mind the gaps", Avner Golov, Israel Hayom, 27/11/13
'Pickup lines for the European Union', Nicolas Touboul, Times of Israel, 17.7.13
"A Jewish Majority in the Land of Israel The Resilient Jewish State", Yakov Faitelson, Middle East Quarterly, Fall 2013
Breaking the Monopoly: Right Wing Human Rights, Maayana Miskin, Arutz Sheva, 5.4.2013

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