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The sole source of our funding is from private contributions. We accept no funds from the government or from any political groups.

The Institute for Zionist Strategies represents a unique response to the growing internal crisis within the State of Israel. There is a well-oiled effort at work to strip Israel of its Jewish identity. The success of that effort could very well mean not only the spiritual destruction, but even the physical obliteration of the Jewish State. Protest has not worked. Political parties find themselves used as cynical pawns in the advancement of the anti-Zionist agenda.

Creating greater awareness of the impending issues and equalizing the playing field is the only way to catapult the public debate into the national limelight  and to have a real and direct impact on government policy.

If you agree with us that there are serious challenges to the State of Israel and to the preservation of its Jewish character, then join us in our efforts. We would appreciate your help in our work. For more details as to our activities, please contact;  

Friends of the Institute for Zionist Strategies is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.  All contributions by US taxpayers are tax deductible.  IRS certification available upon request.  

Checks to:
Administrator, Friends of the Institute for Zionist Strategies, Inc.
C/O Ms. Connie Fisher
,  Ace Surgical,
170 53 street, Brooklyn, NY11232-2630
+1 718 492 7200 ext. 14

Wire Transfers:
Account name: Friends of the Institute for Zionist Strategies
Citibank branch # 33,Morningside Gardens branch, 1310 Amsterdam Avenue, NY, NY 10027
Routing Number: 021000089
Account Number: 9937669986  


IZS: The Institute for Zionist Strategies is a non-profit organization (Malkar) and is recognized under chapter 46 of the Israeli Tax Law.  All contributions by Israeli taxpayers are tax deductible.  Tax Authority certification available upon request. 

Checks to:
Administrator, Ms. Sophie Cohen,
The Institute for Zionist Strategies (RA)
Am Va'Olamo 8,
Jerusalem 9546306

Wire Transfers:

Bank Hapoalim #12, Branch #574, Hapalmach St. #38, Jerusalem, Israel
Account # 220356

The I band number is:   IL770125740000000220356 


The Institute for Zionist Strategies (RA), Joel H. Golovensky, President
Swift: Poalilit



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