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We are pleased to forward April's newsletter for the Institute for Zionist Strategies. Included in this newsletter is a study by Baruch Levin that proposes a change in Israeli Aliyah policy, a summary of the IZS visit to Ramla, a video of a meeting between the IZS Young Leadership Program and Minister Benny Begin as well as additional noteworthy updates.

The Institute for Zionist Strategies wishes all of its friends a Happy Independence Day and much success in their Zionist endeavors!


World Jewry and Future Aliyah Policy: Challenges, Solutions and Proposals for Legislation

"The State of Israel will be open for Jewish immigration and for the Ingathering of the Exiles" – Thus begins the clause that describes the character of the State of Israel in the Declaration of Independence.  The unconditional aliyah of world Jewry is central to Israel's perception of itself as a Jewish State.  The Law of Return, which serves as a basis for aliyah, is a law that defines the national partnership between World Jewry and the nation that dwells in Zion and in such molds the character of the State of Israel as the National Home of World Jewry.

Click here for an abstract

This position paper examines the limitation and expansion of the Right of Return as seen in the double vision of the Law of Return: The law defines and forms a mutual Jewish nationalism for Israel and the Diaspora on one hand, and influences the boundaries of Jewish society in Israel on the other hand.  Based on these data, the study proposes a structure and wording for the Law of Return that would more approriately suit the developments among World Jewry as well as strengthen Israel as a Jewish State. 



Young Leadership Activity Update


A Meeting with Minister Benny Begin

Following a series of sessions on the subject of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, which can be seen in the video section of the IZS website (in Hebrew), members of the Young Leadership Program held a fascinating discussion with Minister Benny Begin.


Click here for a video of the meeting (Hebrew)

A Visit to Ramla: Multiculturalism in Israeli Society

Last month, members of the IZS Young Leadership Program toured the city of Ramla in order to better understand the various challenges facing Israeli society, as can be seen in the delicate social fabric of that city.

The city of Ramla is a unique city that contains within it a social mosaic of populations from all segments of Israeli society.  Ramla serves as a microcosm of the diversified Israeli society of today, of its varied and rich social culture and of the challenges and tensions that accompany it.


Click here for a summary of the tour

The Minister of Education Paves the Way to End the Bias in Civics Studies

Following the publication of the IZS position paper regarding civics studies in Israel, the Ministry of Education called for the immediate removal of its logo from the "Machane Meshutaf" website, which proposes civics educational materials and promotes coexistence between Jews and Arabs.  Additionally, controversial materials regarding the Naqba and Palestinian refugees were removed from an EU supported website.





Click here for the article

Further Reading

We encourage the program's participants to influence wider circles. For example, the following is an article regarding US-Israel relations by YLP member, David Hexner.  To the Article…

 Announcement New: Recommendation of the Month 

The Institute for Zionist Strategies currently seeks to increase the scope of its activities.  Therefore, we must expand our offices as well.


We would appreciate if you could inform us of property you are aware of for rent in the center of Jerusalem.

Todah Rabbah! 
This section is devoted to recommendations for books and cultural events and will be offered by the Zionist Bet Midrash, which was established by alumni of the IZS Young Leadership Program. 

A Children's Book: "The Man who Went in Search of a State"

 ("האיש שהלך לחפש מדינה")


150 years after Herzl's birth, author Omri Bar-Lev introduces a playful children's book about Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl, visionary of the State.  In the book, Bar-Lev interlaces the story of Herzl's life into the story of the establishment of the Zionist movement, and all in rhyme. 
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If you received this monthly newsletter from a friend or colleague and wish to receive future mailings, please email us at: info@izs.org.il, and state as your subject "subscribe".  If you have any comments or thoughts on these subjects, on our web site, or activities, please let us know at: comment@izs.org.il

The Institute For Zionist Strategies
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Jerusalem 91181


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