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Alex Yaakovson. PhD., Department of History, Hebrew University

Amnon Lord. Makor Rishon.

Prof.Asher Cohen , Department of Political Science, Bar Ilan University.

Asher Meir. PhD., Research Manager of the Business Values Center.

Avi Becker. PhD, Department of Diplomacy, Tel-Aviv University

Prof.Avi Diskin , Department of Political Science, Hebrew University.

Avraham Bell, PhD., Department of Law, Bar Ilan University.

Prof.Berachyahu Lifshitz , Department of Law, Bar Ilan University.

Prof.Daniel Hershkovitz , Department of Mathematics, The Technion.

Prof.David Henshke , Department of Talmud, Bar Ilan University.

Prof.David Kashdan , Department of Mathematics, Hebrew University.

Dubi Helman, Former Secretary of the United Kibbutz Movement.

Efraim Brand, Ein-Harod.

Prof.Eli Marzbach , Department of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University.

Prof.Elisha Hass , Department of Life Sciences, Bar Ilan University.

Emmanuel Navon, PhD. Department of International Relations, Tel-Aviv University

Fiama Nirenstein, Jewish-Italian Journalist, Writer and Politician.

Prof.Gideon Bigger , Department of Geography, University of Tel Aviv.

Gilad Altman, Past Head of the Green Unit.

Prof.Haim Gvirtsman ., Environmental Studies Program, Hebrew University.

Prof.Hana Diskin , Department of Political Science, Ariel University Center of Samaria.

Hanoch Kasotto, PhD, Tzmicha Learning Center.

Hava Pinchas Cohen, Poet.

Ilana Zigler. PhD, Manager of the Family Planning Association of Israel.

Prof.Maoz  Azriyahu , Department of Geography, University Of Haifa.

Max Singer. JD, Cofounder of the Hudson Institute, Washington.

Menachem Landau, Former Department Head of the Shin Bet.

Micha Ram. IDF Lt . General(ret.)

Michael Vidlenski. PhD.  Shalem Center.

Michael Wise. PhD., The American-Israeli Demographic Research Team.

Prof.Moshe Koppel , Department of Computer Science, Bar Ilan University.

Nehemia Rafel, Secretary General of the Religious Kibbutz Movement.

Rabbai Yoel Ben Nun, Yeshivat Har Etzion.

Rabbai Yuval Sherlo, Rosh Yeshiva, Hesder Yeshiva of Petach Tikva.

Ran Baratz, PhD., Hebrew Univesity, Shalem Center.

Shabtai Shavit. Former Head of  the Mossad.

Uri Rechev, Former Systems Engineer at Refa'el.

Uri Shtruzman, Circuit Court Judge(ret.)

Yaakov Hisdai. PhD. IDF General (ret.).

Prof.Yehoshoua Porat , Hebrew University.

Yisrael Yagal, Industrialist.

Yizhack Geiger, PhD. Former member of the civics committee in the Education Ministry

Yitzhack Herzog. PhD.

Yitzhack Klein. PhD, Head of the Policy Center of Israel.

Yitzhack Ravid. PhD., Former Chief of Staff of National Security, Prime Minister's Office.

Yitzhak Brick. IDF Lt. General (ret.).

Yoash Zidon. Former MK and IDF General.

Prof. Yoav Gelber , Historian, Hebrew University.

Yoram Aridor. Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN.

Prof.Yossi Katz. , Head of the Cathedra for KKL History Studies, Bar Ilan University.

Yossi Klein Halevi. Writer and Israeli Cultural Expert.

Prof.Zachi Shalom , Israel Research Institute, Ben Gurion University .

Zalman Shoval. Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN.





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