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  Knesset Procedures

Knesset Procedures


Following the State's response in 2007, the Knesset was presented with a private bill1 that sought to legally strengthen the ILA principle of managing KKL Land for the benefit of the Jewish Nation. That is to say, to secure the obligation that the state took on itself in the 1961 Charter into the legislature. The bill passed the preliminary reading with a majority of 64 to 16. The deliberation over the bill was then transferred to the Economic Commission, which was under the leadership of MK Gilad Arden from the Likud, to be prepared for a first reading. As of currently, there have been three Commission sittings on the issue.

 In light of the prolonging of the procedures and the negotiations held between the State and the KKL on the issue of the Land Exchange Deal, a new bill was recently presented that attempts to resolve the Land Exchange Deal between the State and the KKL. Following are the central arrangements in the new bill:

  1. The KKL will transfer to the State all lands under its ownership in which the rights to them were allocated to a third part preceding the law going into effect (Clause 2).

  2. The State will transfer to the KKL unoccupied lands in the Negev (90% of the lands participating in the deal), Galilee, and Golan Heights (10%) that have not yet had any rights allocated to them (Clause 3).

  3. The area of land transferred to the KKL will not be smaller than the total area of land that the KKL owned before the establishment of the law (Clauses 3.2 and 17.5).

  4. The KKL will not accept ownership of lands specified as "Designation Lands"2 or other public lands, lakes, etc. The deal will also include lands used as pastures (Clauses 3.3 and 3.4).

  5. The KKL will receive NIS 900 Million as compensation for the deal (Clause 7). The number of KKL members on the KKL members in the ILA will not change (Clause 15).

 1 The Israel Land Administration Bill (later changed to KKL Land Administration for the Good of the Jewish Nation) 5767/2007

2 Clause 107 of the Land Law:

"Designation Lands" are public lands designated for use by the public, and they are:

1)Coastlines, including ports;

2)Rivers, streams, channels and their banks;

3)Roads and railroad tracks, including railroad stations;


5)Other types of public lands specified in the regulations as Designation Lands, as approved by the Economic Committee of the Knesset.




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