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Help with receiving eligible discounts

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Razek is one of the dozens of residents of Tzur Baher who received our help applying for a discount on the municipal tax. Like many residents of East Jerusalem, he is entitled to a discount for income reasons, but according to the municipal data we compiled, they are 38% of the population and only 22% of the recipients. This is a simple procedure that is done according to clear criteria, and it is a classic case of the lack of awareness of the possibility of getting discount, and of the language barrier. (The municipality has a website in Arabic, but the submission of online forms is still in Hebrew.)

Help with receiving citizenship

By Update

Samah, a resident of Ras Alamud who studies Hebrew in our Hebrew classes, and who previously failed a Hebrew test required for getting Israeli citizenship, passed it successfully after a few months with us.

Help with School Registration

By Update

Nadeh, a resident of Tzur Baher and a mother to a first-grade child, contacted us on September 01. She did not register her daughter to a school, and the schools she applied for, refused to take her. We contacted a number of relevant parties in the Jerusalem city council to settle the matter, and they offered several alternatives. The next day the girl could already join first grade

Help with disability claim

By Update

Suleiman, a 62-year-old resident of Um-Tuba, contacted us for assistance and guidance in the process of filing a general disability claim. Although he speaks Hebrew just fine, he does not write or read, making it difficult for him to fill out forms and understand what is expected of him. We helped him open his personal data on the Social Security website, compile all the necessary documents and obtain the relevant medical certificates. We accompanied Suleiman all the way to the medical committee that determined his eligibility

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