The Tzur Baher Rights Center aims to narrow the gap between the municipality and its Arab residents.

Tzur Baher Rights’ Center

Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods have suffered from years of neglect, resulting in a poor level of infrastructure, and a general defiance of the local population toward Israel’s public institutions. Part of the void has been filled by radical and foreign groups, inciting against Israel without making an effective change on the ground for residents.

This issue fights the IZS mission as both a national and liberal concern. We believe Jerusalem’s Arabs deserve equal services at a municipal and national level, and we believe it is in the country’s interest to provide them.

In the South Eastern Tzur Baher neighborhood, Blue & White Human Rights operate a rights’ center that aims to narrow the gap between the municipality and its Arab residents. We provide information as well as practical help such as translation and help filling out forms with local municipality, social security, employers, etc. We assist people from throughout the city, and work hand in hand with the local community center and Jerusalem municipality.

Most of the issues we see are due to a lack of knowledge and understanding, broadened by the language and culture differences, but can be overcome under the current political reality. As such, we also provide Hebrew lessons as a way to empower and integrate local Arab residents.

Abu Tor Rights’ Center

On October 2019 we opened a new rights’ center in Abu Tor