Crossing points between Israel and the West Bank are often at the heart of public debate when it comes to the conflict. Join us for a tour of one of these crossings to get a more complete and first hand look at the complex reality there. During the tour, your group will have an opportunity to visit the border facility and meet West Bank residents who cross daily, as well as Israeli police officers in charge of the crossing. Blue and White Human Rights deals with the visa issuing process, requests for medical care, broader geopolitical considerations and looks to make a positive impact on the daily lives of Palestinians.

East Jerusalem Meetings

Come meet the people living Jerusalem’s daily reality beyond the headlines. Despite the conflicts, some are working hard to strengthen the shared interests of both people to live in peaceful, united city. They come from very different backgrounds but believe there is another way forward. Join us to learn more.

East Jerusalem Tours

‘This is Jerusalem’ is a geo-political tour, that demonstrates long-term trends and lesser-known developments in East Jerusalem. It underlines the shared interest of both populations to live in a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. The group is lead by a professional guide specializing in Jerusalem.

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